Group classes or individual lessons?

Group classes or individual lessons?

Group classes or individual lessons?

Should I start my child in group or individual lessons? Which one is better.

For years, individual or one-on-one lessons have been the standard way to learn an instrument. For generations students have been taught by this method.

Over the last 15 years Village Guitar has introduced and road tested the concept of group guitar lessons. Here is what we have found...

  • Kids love the community of the group lesson. They love hanging out with their guitar mates.
  • New kids find the group class less intimidating than a one-on-one lesson with a teacher.
  • New participants are quickly drawn up the level of the class skills. There is a positive peer pressure helping develop the skills of each member.
  • Our teachers see very little difference in the rate of progress between individual and group classes.

Village Guitar runs Group Classes for different age groups...

  • Years K - 3.
  • Years 4 - 6.
  • Years 7 - 10.

We happy for you to try out the different lesson types.

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